Jake Welsh

Founder – e3creative

Drawing The Line

The role of a designer can’t be defined as a discipline. The creative industry is evolving at such a rapid pace prompting designers to constantly be on the pursuit for the next big idea, delving beyond their traditional area of expertise to innovate. Designers must be vigilant towards trends and social movements, as well as have the ability to master new software and adopt emergent platforms. With the task of communicating messages in a visually engaging way that leaves a lasting impact, designers must immerse themselves in every project they’re involved in and take the leadership position of introducing new processes to streamline efficiencies and ensure all entities intermix seamlessly in order to best bring their vision to fulfilment.

Jake Welsh, Founder of Manchester digital agency e3creative, is presenting at the Design Meetup on 19 September on what it means to be a designer today. With a background in design and passion for activating influential brands, he believes the more designers are able to blur lines in their role and push boundaries, the more they’re flourishing as a professional. Designers that are adverse in digital and print, illustrations, motion graphics, branding, packaging, UX, UI, and are able to excel in each whilst working interchangeably and supporting others, are at the top of their craft and invaluable to any organisation.

There are so many conversations in the industry at the moment around the role and necessity of a creative director, yet aren’t all designers creative directors in their own division? When does a designer stop being a designer and converts to a creative director?

There is a growing stigma around whether a designer should know how to code or if the technical skills will deplete their creative talent, however, there is not much discussion about whether the responsibilities of being a company director will hinder their creative mindset. From Jake’s point of view, designers have a badge of honour that they should wear with pride. In his presentation, he will discuss the convoluted day-to-day duties the digital designers at e3creative conquer head-on with examples from recent new business pitches, rebranding projects, creative workshops, to launching a website or mobile app and beyond. Jake’s talk will be inspiring for those aspiring to enter the creative industry or alter the perspective of professionals looking to advance within the ranks.