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We’d like to welcome you to the September Design Meetup. Taking place on Wednesday 19 September at the awesome tech hub that is C4DI.

After a long hiatus with the previous meetup, we’re back with a new identity, website and all round digital presence to take these meetups to the next level.


What we’re trying to do

The Design Meetup is a platform for not only designers, but for freelancers, students and business owners. The Design Meetup is here to educate people on the value of good design through industry expert talks, panel discussions and workshops. The events will be bi-monthly and feature some amazing talent in the form of industry experts and, of course, you guys – the audience!

Whether you have an interest, or would like to learn about graphic design, UI/UX, web design, app design or even the processes involved in these types of projects, we’re going to cater for everyone we can, so make sure you let us know what you want to see!


The September Meetup

The September Meetup will be running on Wednesday 19 September 18:00 – 21:00. Book here

We have secured two incredible speakers for the inaugural event – Jake Welsh, Founder of E3 Creative and Rob Lewis, Director of 54 Degrees North.

Jake Welsh

Award Winning Digital Design Agency, E3 Creative have become recognised for creating cutting edge, rich and groundbreaking experiences, products and platforms from web to mobile applications. They’re attention to detail and forward thinking within the design industry has gained a worldwide client following.

E3 have become known for challenging the way digital stories are told. Their work often incorporates everything from website applications, mobile apps and internal systems, through to brand strategy and digital strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands; If it’s possible – E3 can do it…

E3 Creative support global brands ranging from Sony, O2, Ascot, Hotel Football through to Barclays.

At E3, everything is informed by our three core principles: story, craft and technology.


Rob Lewis

Rob is a scientist with over 30 years experience of developing medicines and healthcare products at a number of major pharmaceutical companies. He now has a digital health start up and consults for a wide range of global clients on innovation and product development.

What is innovation, what are the current trends in innovation and what role should design play? Many major brands overlook design in the delivery of benefits by their products. We will cover how design can be central to innovation and what benefits that might bring to the brand. We will talk about how consumers make decisions and how design works subconsciously in this process.


The talks are set to be super in depth and interesting, so make sure you bag your ticket fast.

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